Friday, August 19, 2016

How to get your offer accepted in a competitive Real Estate market!

     There are few things buyers can do to make sure that their offer gets a fighting chance and gets accepted by keeping following simple things in mind.

Choose your Realtor wisely: Work with an agent you trust and who has the skill to negotiate effectively and can address all your questions and concerns.

     Get yourself " Approved" not just pre- approved from a credible lender:  Make sure to get approved for the maximum price you can afford. This will give you a maximum range that you can up to if the right house comes along and also allows you to make a stronger offer by going non- contingent on loan contingency with higher confidence.

     Have deposit money and down payment funds readily available: Stocks, money from your investments, gift from families etc should in liquid form and readily available to show your financial credibility.

     Review and sign all reports and disclosures and submit with your offer: by doing this it gives confidence to sellers and shows your commitment to the house.

     Find out what the seller is looking for in addition to price. Is it rent back, is it faster close? To the extent, try to honor these desires in your offer.

     Write a personal letter to the seller: It is a sellers market and they get many offers. So, try to stand out from the other offers. Telling about your family, work and why you like to make their house yours will help them give an insight into your commitment of taking this offer all the way. Pictures of the family helps in making a emotional connect.

     Develop a " winning team" of both a Realtor and Lender. Realtor will get you in contract and lender will make sure you get the keys to your house!

     Be motivated and committed: Keep writing the offers on the homes you like even though you have had few disappointments along the way.